General Checkups

Call: +91 8851 67 93 55 General Checkups We provide for general dental checkups of the patients depending on the age, medical history and any undergoing treatment for which the client is subjected to in recent time frame. Dental visits are recommended every 6 months to keep dental problems at bay. Normal masticatory efficiency entails

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Call: +91 8851 67 93 55 Restoration Conservation of the natural tooth structure is the primary goal of the dentistry. A dental cavity on any tooth surface is initiations of tooth decay which, when left unnoticed, can lead to tooth infection, ultimately causing tooth loss in general. Restoration definition A dental restoration or dental filling

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Orthodontic care

Call: +91 8851 67 93 55 Orthodontic care Orthodontics, as a branch of dentistry, is concerned with the diagnosis, intervention, prevention, and repositioning of maligned teeth and jaws. It helps to achieve a better-aligned dentition with greater chewing efficiency. There are various ways of correcting malocclusion based on the requirements of an individual patient. As

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Dental Implants

Call: +91 8851 67 93 55 Dental Implants Dental implants are like artificial tooth roots, almost identical in shape to screws which are meant to replace a missing or lost tooth structure, thus assisting in attaining a normal masticatory function. Dental implants have been a discovery which has changed the course of dentistry in the

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Tooth sensitivity

Call: +91 8851 67 93 55 Tooth sensitivity | Causes, Remedies and Treatment in Delhi A wide range of factors has been considered as the cause of tooth sensitivity. Some have been discussed below as follows: – Have u experienced an extreme cold or hot sensation while sipping a cold coffee or hot tea occasionally? Have

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