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We as a dental clinic have been serving the very needs of dental patients in Dwarka, since 7 years with utmost diligence and sincerity. We cater to provide a whole bunch of dental solutions under one roof keeping in mind the patient’s requirements and health constraints. Not only do we endeavor to provide for a convenient environment for dental treatment planning but also a cohesive interaction with the dental experts thereby making it an experience of a lifetime.

Best Professionals

We cater to provide for certified experts in the field of dentistry to ensure the safety of the patients. Our qualified and experienced dentists have AFO certificate for orthodontic treatments and a certificate for implantology

Complete Care

We provide for Zoom whitening, intraoral camera to gain precise pictures within patients mouth, dental implants to restore the missing teeth and confidence of the patient.

Modern Equipment

We provide for rotary systems for RCT treatments, RVG for digital X rays causing less radiation exposure and latest sterilization methods to ensure proper safety from cross infections.

Emergency Ready

Having a dental emergency can be a very traumatizing experience, that's why our medical staff is ready to help 24-7

Complete Dental Services

for highest patient demands, tailored for each case

Don’t rush when you brush!

Brushing as a habit has been propagated as a means to keep teeth healthy since time immemorial. Modified Bass Technique is the best method till date for brushing exemplified by up and down strokes of bristles keeping the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the tooth surface which not only provides for cleaner tooth surface but also healthy gums. Brushing should be performed twice daily after meals.

Visit your dentist once in 6 months

The dental visit should be scheduled after every 6 months to keep teeth and gums in a healthy state. This helps in the prevention of dental caries progression at an early stage making it possible to curb severe tooth infections.

Don’t Forget to Floss!

Flossing when done properly helps in removing plaque from inaccessible areas of tooth surface where toothbrushes find it difficult to clean in between teeth and under the gum line. Plaque if left unremoved can lead to tooth decay, therefore tooth flossing is highly recommended with use of cleaner sections of floss from one tooth surface to the other.

dental exams

A dental examination for routine check-ups, precise diagnosis and effective treatment plan to keep teeth and gums healthy.

cavity fillings

Keeping a check on the beginning of a white spot or a blackish discoloration to the presence of severely decayed teeth to ensure a healthy smile.

implant dentistry

Substituting a lost tooth with a screw-shaped device secured firmly inside the jaw bone to provide a better masticatory appearance thus regaining the lost confidence.

root canals

A procedure where decayed tooth which has lost its vitality is maintained by effectively shaping and cleaning the canals which are later filled with an inert material to prevent further infection.

tooth whitening

Creating a brighter smile using best available bleaching materials with best possible results under a trained professional environment

dental brackets

A branch of dentistry where the placement of modern systems brackets on teeth can bring about desired tooth movement with the least amount of pain.

under sedation

Sometimes sedation is mandatory, so we can apply it to the more sensitive patients, normally small children or anxious individuals

radiology service

Dental radiographs with least radiation exposure, less time consuming and maximum clarity for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

Meet the Team

Highly trained professionals ready to provide the best treatment, be gentle and give you a pleasant experience

Dr. Rohit Patial

Dental Surgon

Specialist in root canal treatment

What to do in case of a dental emergency?

Sometimes, a patient can experience a situation of deep discomfort and pain, that may indicate the need of immediate medical attention. For this reason, we always have a doctor on call, ready to address these emergencies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you are in an emergency situation!


Does extraction of teeth affect eyesight?

Extraction or removal of teeth never affects eyesight. This is a myth being passed from one generation to the other. Teeth are supplied by branches of Mandibular and maxillary nerve while the supply to the eye is by the optic nerve.

What is the treatment when my gums are bleeding and the foul odor is emanating from the mouth?

Bleeding and foul odor emanating from the mouth are often caused by plaque and calculus deposition. This requires Ultrasonic scaling and root planing if the need arises.

Why do I suffer from cavities even though I brush twice a day?

Every individual has a different bacterial composition in his /her mouth which is often a cause of increased caries activity or calculus deposition in the mouth. Individuals having an increased quantity of caries-causing bacteria can present with increased cavities and those with increased calculus forming bacteria can have increased calculus depositions.

Is it better to save a tooth by RCT or to remove a tooth and get an artificial substitute?

Saving natural teeth with RCT is always a better alternative as artificial substitutes never function as efficiently as natural ones. Though RCT is often prescribed when after the death of the concerned tooth the remaining structure of the crown provides enough strength for the natural tooth to bear the chewing pressure.

How often should we bush?

As prescribed by dentists we should brush twice daily -morning and night. The primary requirement is to lay stress on correct technique of brushing and proper selection of the toothbrush. Brushing as a habit should be performed only after having food.

When should we visit a dentist?

We should pay a visit to a dentist every 6 months so as to keep a check on any initiation of the caries process and prevent any further damage to tooth structure.

Does scaling/cleaning cause the teeth to become loose in sockets?

Scaling /cleaning of teeth is meant to remove the calculus and plaque from the tooth surface. Upon removal of calculus, the teeth tend to show mobility due to loss of bone which is often accompanied by sensitivity in general. These are after effects of calculus deposition and if not taken care of immediately can progress to tooth loss. Gaps are experienced by the patients due to the removal of calculus from those areas which improve if proper brushing and flossing are done.

Are medications prescribed in dental problems during pregnancy?

Often only palliative treatments are to do in pregnancy and lactation {breast feeding} periods. Though medications can be prescribed during pregnancy but only exceptional ones that don’t cause any harm to the fetus and the mother. Self-medication is strictly prohibited

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