General Checkups

We provide for general dental checkups of the patients depending on the age, medical history and any undergoing treatment for which the client is subjected to in recent time frame. Dental visits are recommended every 6 months to keep dental problems at bay.

Normal masticatory efficiency entails healthy tooth and supporting structures which can be maintained in a healthy state by following regular brushing and flossing techniques as prescribed by the dentist.

General understanding of the problems and ways to curb the menace of caries spread within the tooth and the adjacent tooth helps in avoiding dental cavities which can lead to tooth loss and inefficient mastication.

This affects the confidence in general as massive tooth loss leads to change in the physical appearance of the person concerned.

We as a dental clinic in Dwarka help in making the general check-up of the patient informative enough to help him/her understand the dental problem and make informed decisions about their oral health.

We even provide for the general know-how of the dentition so as to make the patient aware of any future impending dental problems.